Through the Eyes of a Millennial 

I’m proud to say I grew up in the 90s where kids still played cops and robbers and we had Saturday morning cartoons. Music was all about the next Britney Spears hit and our older siblings listened to Nirvana. Our parents acted more like parents and not our friends. They also didn’t fly around us like a helicopter. We had limited time watching television and using the Internet so we played outside with our friends. I remember spending all summer going from house to house in the neighborhood playing and swimming. My childhood always brings on nostalgia and a smile to my lips. 
The first sign of that life changing, was a quiet Tuesday morning in September. I remember my mother waking me up super early in the morning crying. She told me to come to the living room and we watched the news together. I was in middle school at the time so I was a little young to truly understand what was going on, but I was old enough to understand that people were dying. I remember going to school and watching what happened over and over again on the news in class. it was an awful gut wrenching feeling all day long. Now that I’m older I understand it more, but I think a lot of Americans and I will always share the common question of; why? Why would someone do something so horrible? 
That horrible moment in American history started the ball rolling on what it is like being a part of my generation. We were given a promise growing up that we would have all the opportunities in the world at our finger tips. The iconic American dream was in our grasp and all we had to do was jump. The thing is when you’re told growing up that you can do anything you want to, but the world around you falls apart you’re left with a generation of passionate individuals who feel lost in a society not set up for us to succeed. 
By the time we just entered college or adulthood we have already experienced an attack on American soil, a technological revolution and a market collapse. You can imagine what it feels like to be in a situation where you have all the passion and drive to reach for the stars, but you’re witnessing foreclosures, high unemployment rates and skyrocketing college tuition. If I could go back to my younger self I honestly would have done a lot of things differently like going to community college first and travel more. I’m going to have a moment of silence for all my fellow millennials in crippling college debt… RIP income for the next million years.
It’s actually a little sad how misunderstood our generation is, if you are reading the news we are narcissistic, lazy and entitled. However, we are a force to be reckoned with, being such a massive generation of people. I’ll be honest I did not vote for Obama at all, but I remember it was my generation who helped get him elected. Waves of students on my campus wore hope and change shirts. It makes complete sense that my generation rallied behind someone who used those two powerful words in his campaign. We are a generation who lost their innocence early in life and are fighting to shake up the system. We want change in many ways and I think that scares the older generations. 
We want to have a work and personal life balance. I suppose demanding more free time seems lazy, but at the same time I think something needs to change with the way American society is set up. We can thank our colonists for how hard we as Americans work. It’s funny how technology was supposed to make it so that we as people do not have to work as much. Sadly to say as Americans we work work work and watch television because we are too tired to do anything afterward. I do know my generation works hard, we just want to feel like there is purpose in what we are doing with our careers and we want to be passionate about it. If we aren’t making a difference or we feel like there is no growth or flexibility we are done and moving on to something that will make us feel fulfilled. There is no dying slowly inside as our desk job eats our soul for 35 years. No the generation who saw the economy collapse in our prime and inherited debt refuses to be unhappy with what we do for our careers. We also demand that we have the free time to experience life and turn it into the adventure it’s supposed to be. 
Yes you can say someone who wants to enjoy their life and have it be the adventure THEY WANT and THEY DESERVE is entitled and narcissistic. But what is so wrong to wanting to pave a path not taken by most. We are the generation who throws caution to the wind and does something because we want to do it. The 23 year old who works for six months of the year just so she can spend the next six months hiking across the United States is courageous and ambitious in her own right. Guess what, she loves it and experiences so much more than someone who works 40+ hours a week at a job they hate just to come home and watch the voice. Ironic because it’s a show of people trying to follow their passion of becoming a famous singer. 
We as a generation are still young and I think we will do great things for this country. You can already see our influence in the workplace with technology, flexible hours and casual dress codes. You can also see it in American culture with embracing the LGBTQ community and fighting for marriage equality as well as legalizing marijuana in some states (which has so many medical benefits and is safer than alcohol). Our passion, innovation and anti discrimination is definitely something this country needs. Just because we are different than what you are used to doesn’t make it a bad thing, it only makes it different. You know what different is utterly beautiful. 

Goodbye my friend 

I have lost my best friend

I fear its for good

The one I trusted

The one I loved

She stands an empty shell

The girl inside her dying

Becoming something new

The one who told me everything is gone

Replaced with lies and deceit

All trust is gone

Fading away into the darkness

Taking a piece of me with it

Leaving me with a shell of a girl

Angry and destructive she is

It saddens me

Makes me scream

I want her back

Find yourself again please

I beg and plead

See that I want you back

You were happy

We were happy

I was happy

Come back to me



Life is like a string it unravels over time until it isn’t usable anymore. Our life unravels over time until death, where the world throws us away. That string of life is remembered only to be forgotten the life it held within, for that life is gone. Like all other lives, that mound of strings is where the loved heaven and the hated hell thrives and consists of the lives that are only remembered to be forgotten.

Rip Beepa May 31, 2001 


All around is chaos and destruction
It never seems as if it will end
For I am spiraling downwards
away from fate
I gave up so much
and get so little
I sometimes wonder if I will crash and burn
or die alone
Sometimes I have trouble finding the light that once shone so brightly
For I am alone and no one understands
and no one knows for I am like a stone
left to rot in the shadows
only a memory
soon faded away in time
lingering only to be felt
by those who carry that thought
or what if

An introduction:maybe if I share it I will work on it more

(I usually write poetry but I’ve had this story stuck in my head for so long I haven’t gotten far but maybe if I share it, I’ll write more) 



Human beings are amazing creatures. They all are here for such a short time and have to accept that fact. Some leave a mark on history while others chose to leave a legacy with their offspring. Driven by their own passions, they survive and thrive off of each other as well as destroy one another. It’s so easy to be jealous of the humans for they only get one chance to be here. They appreciate the world for its beauty and are less likely to take advantage of it.
I was not born into this world, and didn’t even live on it for most of my existence. It’s hard to explain exactly what I am or who I am because the closest human explanation of myself is alien. Throughout history, humans have encountered beings like myself and have created these fantastical stories of the Devine. We have taken advantage of humans, causing them to worship at our feet due to fear of the unknown. Making promises and threats about an afterlife. 
The truth is we don’t even know what we are and we don’t know exactly what happens when all humans perish. I do know that I see some humans repeat themselves in different lifetimes and it’s rare one of them remember existing before. I have no idea what happens to the humans who don’t come back, I wish I did. Of course when you have all the time in the world, it’s fun to think about. 
Not all of us, appreciate the humans for who they are. Some see them as lesser beings or as completely destructive. They fail to see the every day good and love in human interactions. If they spent more time observing them they would see that the good outweighs the evil. Humans are full of emotion and passion unlike us and a lot of their evil actions are because of us… Wars fought over “gods” when really there is nothing Devine about us. We have no answers as to what happens when humans perish or why we all came to exist. The vast universe is a complete mystery despite being able to see all of it, there is no visible purpose to anything. We all have to create our own purpose while we are here. 
When I first came across earth humans didn’t exist yet. The landscape was destructive from space and on the land itself. Watching it turn into what it is now, was utterly beautiful. Eventually the atmosphere changed and life was able to form on earths surface. Humans are quite new to existence. There were giant plants and Dinosaurs roamed the land. It was devastating seeing these giant creatures perish in the aftermath of space once more colliding with earth. Life is so precious here and can end so quickly. 
I turned away from earth for a long time, exploring other lands and plains. I always came back though, I wanted to see what was going to happen to this land. Earth is special, the universe is very different in comparison. This planet seems to be able to repair itself and create life in a different way than the rest of the universe. 
I am not the only being who watched all of this from a distance. We all were curious what would happen to this particular planet. The strange animals and wildlife was far different than anything else we have encountered. So we watched in awe as life formed again. As animals started changing with time. Humans didn’t always look exactly as they do now. You all know the theory that apes started walking on two legs and eventually became what you are now, it was incredible to see. You’re all truly amazing creatures. You adapt like most on this planet, but you also learn and that’s what makes you special. 
I wasn’t the first being to make contact with the human race. I also will admit that I am guilty of letting humans worship me as Devine. In my defense, it’s hard just to observe from a distance and not get too close to another intelligent being. We are different but both are similar in the fact that we have conscience thought. I wasn’t even sure it would be possible to interact because as far as I could tell you all couldn’t see us. 
The first time one of us made ourselves known was to the Neanderthals. They feared us instantly and spent their lives surviving and trying to please us. Depicting us over and over on cave walls and creating rituals to communicate with us. Humans weren’t ready to know us yet. It was easy to see by their reaction. Some of us didn’t think that way though. They thought it was a good way to control these lesser beings. Make them bend to their will and worship them. 
I just wanted to know the human race and learn from them. The humans shouldn’t see us as something we are not. We should learn from each other and coexist as equals. It didn’t happen that way from the start. We all didn’t help the situation either, many of us enjoyed the power over them too much.